Technology can we live without it

It won't be "fine" but it will happen. I don't think it would make us less efficient, I think it will make us more real again. And oil, and coal, and anything else we could burn to power machines. For some people the existence of technology is the difference between silence and laughter, loneliness and interaction and even life and death.

They are the reason we became brainy bipeds. May be it will sound too Comte to you, but it's highly likely that human will have gone through similar steps to earn some basic rights, form of governments and regimes.

This is an immense difference compared to the generations born in the 80s and the 90s, not only technologically but in mentality and dependence. In the medical field, its evolution saves thousands of lives and in the social sphere it allows us to keep in touch with friends from all around the world faster and easier than ever before.

But everything is the part fo the learning process, isn't it?. The first was that I found myself happier away from screens and the relentless communication they generate, and instead living intimately with my locale. This helps passerines proliferate in changing environments, most notably in the new world that emerged after the mass extinction of dinosaurs and most other species 65 million years ago.

Vesuvius to the Assyrians instead of to the Romans, do we ever get the cement to build the Three Gorges Dam? Because humans are the most radical tool users, our bodies have undergone the most radical changes because of our tools.

There were people who survived with only bronze tools. It modifies the branch by removing side branches or shortening the stem. Lets say we all ditched our computers, phones and T.

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Starting a fire with just sticks and timber, if you want to eat s cooked meal. It'll force you to grab coffee with an old friend. He had to use his survival instincts and resources on hand that the Earth has put here for all of us to use. Once we became homo sapiens sapiens—not just tool-using humans but creative humans—we started developing and sharing tools and ideas as well as genes, and the symbiosis between surviving and creating intensified quickly.

Our ignorance would probably kill us in the end. But it is important to realize that it got to a point where technology controls us, we depend on it, and we can not live without it.

Mon Oct 31, 9: Well-intentioned friends often try to convince me to go off-grid, but in using batteries, electrical cables and photovoltaic panels as I once didI would still be connected, by a peculiar sort of invisible cable, to the global network of quarries, factories, courtrooms, mines, financial institutions, bureaucracies, armies, transport networks and workers needed to produce such things.

I'm not saying we'd be "fine. Consulted in 18th July on http: I think it's great. It has brought us closer to each other in certain ways and drifted away in others. Maybe some of us, but I would think the majority of the population in the countries that have become tech users at least would not be able to make this transition easily.

Smaller teeth and weaker jaws begat big biological benefits: Because passerine feet have an independently mobile rear toe, somewhat similar to a human opposable thumb, which enables the bird to grasp twigs and so build nests.

From your posts in general, I thought the sudden "loss of technology" idea was a step to make the point of what technology has become today. The students likened the experience to going on a diet, giving up smoking and going cold turkey.

I'm sure there would be all sorts of atrocities. Sun Oct 30, 8: We existed without modern technology for much longer than we have existed with it. What Would Life be Without Technology The everyday lives of people have changed a great deal due to the advent of technology.

There are going to be wars and chaos and sooner or later, following a different routes or a million detours, we will probably arrive a similar point in making our lives, better, comfortable and easy to live.

Firstly awareness, to make people aware of the extreme dependence on social networks and technology is the first step for a more balanced life-style in terms of interaction.Even those who can't live without one have to admit that they are often annoying beyond human endurance.

And the photos they take can lead to all kinds of problems. There are other issues, as well. In today’s society mobile phones have become something that we cannot live without; they are an extended arm that holds our entire life. But this technological ‘lifesaver’ brought about one major disadvantage and that disadvantage is the fact that it is a key factor to our hindered communication skills.

But it is important to realize that it got to a point where technology controls us, we depend on it, and we can not live without it. What can be done? Firstly awareness, to make people aware of the extreme dependence on social networks and technology is the first step for a more balanced life-style in terms of interaction.

And secondly, it is not possible to. Therefore we can recognise the need to reject some technologies. If we’re to avoid technological extremism we’re going to have to draw a line in the sand somewhere.

Of course even during that time they had technology, for example picking up a rock and using it as a weapon or tool is a form of technology, just like making a fire or just gathering food So good luck living without technology:P Of course we can live without modern technology although it may not be fun, lol.

Multitasking can affect the brain and can cause stress. In conclusion, it seems that people are going to have big debates about technology until the end of time.

Technology is neither good nor bad. We can’t live without technology, but we must pay attention to the way which we use it.

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Technology can we live without it
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