Writing a press release for an art exhibit

Submit your press release locally first to newspapers, radio and television stations.

Press Release for an Art Exhibit, Writing PR

Include the day of the week, the start time and location, including the street address. This way, your press release may get noticed more than from someone they may not have heart about.

Depending on how well it is written and how informative it is, we may reprint it as is. Search for emails of newspapers and publications to send your press release. Our supporters seem to agree with that policy too. We don't just include press releases that only come from our advertisers.

Contact your top outlets personally. Include at the end: Body Try to be specific and factual based. Search for free press release websites. His day involved carrying around a video camera attached to a hat that was set up to take 15 seconds of video every hour. This could change, as the paper grows larger.

Include a personal message along with the press release, especially when submitting by email. Many of our advertisers don't send us press releases - they prefer their ads to do their talking. Your press release will receive more attention if you include a personal note, regardless of whether you know the recipient or not.

And I assumed probably rightly that the company's marketing team was a bunch of idiots.

How to Write an Effective Press Release

A press release PR is a written or recorded announcement of something newsworthy intended for the media. But whatever you do, don't let these quotes go to waste. Title The title of your press release should be attention grabbing and summarize everything included within.

Not with just us, but to many sources. The first paragraph must be interesting and informative. Sure, the journalist might not use them, but don't repeat what has already been said elsewhere in the press release — use quotes as an opportunity to really sell yourself and your company.

He explained precisely what he looked for in a Press Release and how best to survive his morning ritual of culling the weak ones — which he conducted standing over his rubbish bin.

With the advent of social media, and the ease of sharing things online, it is easy to forget about some of the promotional methods of the past. Make sure these are precise, accurate and that it includes a telephone number which has a person and not an answerphone at the other end.

Keep them positive, upbeat and to the point.

Press releases: 10 common mistakes

Those are just a few of the common mistakes people make when writing a press release. They talk the talk and can write volumes about anything. You're forgetting to add proper punctuation If you're going to write a press release it's essential you use proper punctuation throughout.

A press release PR is a written or recorded announcement of something newsworthy intended for the media. It should make the reader interested in knowing more - but try to avoid a hyped title. It all boils down to finding something which makes them want to read on.How to Write a Press Release for Art Events.

Press releases can help anyone, especially an artist to not only bring attention to their art but to generate traffic to their website and also to assist with the branding of the artist and their art.

Writing press releases for exhibitions is an essential task for any commercial gallery as they often serve as the first introduction to the show for the public, collectors, and most importantly, press. Press releases can have a major effect on whether people visit, review, and ultimately buy from exhibitions.

How to Create a Press Release for your Art Exhibition

A press release should get people in the door. If you have an exhibition, group show, art auction or other art related event coming up, instead of just making a call to your local media, why not write a press release to submit to online newswire services and local newspapers.

Here is a press release for a Nester Kruger show at Art Metropole in Toronto. Here is a press release for a John Storrs show at the Grey Art Gallery. (Is this long press release engaging without an image?) Here is a press release for a group show at Gallery Nature Morte.

Here is a press release announcing a Kathleen Munn exhibition at the AGO. Mar 24,  · The Cabinet Office – PR toolkit – writing a press release ©Katherine Tyrrell March Making A Mark Publications If you think you might like to keep a copy of this post to hand for the next time you write a Press Release for you or your art society/community, I've included a PDF copy on the 'Making A Mark Publications' page on my website.

Nov 10,  · A press release is the quickest and easiest way to get free publicity. If well written, a press release can result in multiple published articles about your firm and its products.

Writing a press release for an art exhibit
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